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May 30 2018


How to do Yahoo SMTP Settings for Email

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol or SMTP is a server provided by Yahoo so that you can use the email application of your choice of co, computer or mobile device. You can send messages anytime after setting SMTP as the outgoing server in your email program. Yahoo provides different SMTP settings for people with the standard as well as Business accounts. You can do the settings yourself with the troubleshooting guide provided in this blog or take help from the experts that are available 24×7 on the Yahoo Customer Care Number for the resolution of your queries.

This mail is one of the top shelf email providers which comes after the popular ones like Gmail and Outlook. The SMTP settings will involve the server address name, username, password, port number, and authentication, so be ready with these. If you will follow the below guide properly, you can solve the issue yourself.

Solution: Yahoo SMTP settings for Email

The settings are similar for both – POP and IMAP accounts. In most cases, you have to enter them in the ‘settings’ sections provided by your email client. Follow the steps to do the settings:

Step 1: Open your email application and create a new account

Step 2: Set up the account as you normally would, enter your full name and Yahoo email address.

Step 3: Type ‘smtp.mail.yahoo.com’ into the text field for the outgoing mail.

Step 4: Enter ‘465’ as the port number for the server

Step 5: Enable SSL authentication for the SMTP connection.

Step 6: Type your full Yahoo email address into the box provided for entering details

Step 7: Enter your password and save settings.

Step 8: sometimes, you might require an alternative port number, so enter ‘587’

Doing the settings by following the guide is quite easy as it seems, you must not skip any of the steps so as to ensure the settings are properly done. In case if you find it difficult, do get in touch with Yahoo Tech Support phone number for guidance regarding the solution of the issue. The certified technicians will help you out in the best possible way and they can be contacted anytime of the day or from anywhere.


Source Url :- https://www.technicalsupporttollfree.com/yahoo-smtp-settings-for-email/


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March 29 2018


How can I Remove Advertising From Yahoo Email?

While working in an office or even at home getting advertisements on email are a most irritating moment. It happens with all email users but especially with Yahoo. The users of Yahoo email get more adverts because Yahoo makes money from adverts. That’s why Yahoo doesn’t charge for its mail service. Adverts on email can be distracting so if you want to fix it you can. There are some steps which will help you to avoid ads. You can try to hide, remove or block the ads but still not found solution ask experts. Use Yahoo Customer Support Number 1-844-762-3952 where you will get a solution for every problem. Through the help of customer care, users can shoot all email problem of Yahoo.


<!--[if !supportLists]--> 1.     <!--[endif]--> Hide the ads in Yahoo mail:

The easy and simple way to avoid ads from email is to hide them. Open your Yahoo email account and search the arrow pointing which located between mail & advert. Click on it and hide the ads on Yahoo email.


<!--[if !supportLists]--> 2.     <!--[endif]--> Subscribe to Yahoo Ad Free Mail:

The next option to avoid ads Yahoo email is to subscribe ad-free email. If you are willing to pay for Yahoo email service then this would be the best option for you. By the help of this subscription, you will be able to remove ads completely.


For the subscription go to the setting of email and choose “Ad-free mail.” Follow the instruction for payment process. Via this subscription user not only able to access email without ads but also your account won’t inactive. If you face problem to subscribe this email concern to tech support team.



With the help of customer support experts, all issues of Yahoo can be rectified instantly. When you will use Yahoo Technical Support Numberexperts will help you. They will give you proper instructions to subscribe Yahoo ad-free mail. The experts of customer care are 24 X 7 present to troubleshoot issues of their customers. Whenever you get glitches use a number of customer care and fix the issues.






Source Url :- https://www.technicalsupporttollfree.com/how-can-i-remove-advertising-from-yahoo-email/

March 22 2018


Unable to send or receive Yahoo Mail?

Email service plays a vital role in modern life. Yahoo is also providing trustworthy email service. Because of its reliable features, users attract and use it. It has amazing security option which also causes technical issues.If you find trouble to access your Yahoo email or unable to send or receive mail fix it. On this page, you will find some simple steps which will help you to troubleshoot. Might be you get the problem to follow steps then use Yahoo Tech Support Number 1-844-762-3952.


How can you fix the error of email Yahoo?  Troubleshoot steps are given below, so you can fix it. Follow these steps one by one and fix it.

1. If you are already signed in then you need to sign out and again sign in Yahoo mail. 

2. Make sure if you receive an email in spam folder to open the spam folder. 

3. Now once more open your account from a different browser like Chrome. 

4. Remove all caches & history which are responsible for slow browsing. It also causes email conflict. 

5. Now close the gear icon from the setting which is located at right corner of email. 

6. Check the filter section of email and find if your email arrived there. 

7. Open the browser setting and enable the JavaScript. You also need to update your JavaScript. 

8. Disable the browser tools to find the issue of email conflict. 

9. Enable Adobe Flash player to fix this error. If the problem is still constant then update the Adobe Flash player.


Hope these step will help you to troubleshoot. If you are facing the problem same as before then take help of experts. With the help of customer support experts, users can dissolve technical error. There is no need to be upset to think how to contact tech supportof Yahoo because it is simple. Through Yahoo Customer Support Phone numberusers can reach to experts. This number is 24 hours open for all users to shoot out their problem in short span. Don’t stress yourself if issues occur because experts are here to help you.




Source URL:- https://www.technicalsupporttollfree.com/unable-to-send-or-receive-yahoo-mail/

March 10 2018


How to print an email in Yahoo?

Sometimes we need to print Yahoo email which is very simple but some users’ still get trouble and face problem in printing in yahoo email For such Yahoo users, there is an option to rectify the issues through Yahoo Tech Support Number 1-844-762-3952 How to print an email in yahoo? Just follow given steps:which technical trouble dispute takes place. One simple step of getting help from tech support team will overcome the technical issues in limited time duration. To print Yahoo email just give a glance at given steps. 

If you need to print only any specific mail or conversion these steps will help you.
 Open the email message which you want to prints from email.

 Now press “P”.

 Again visit More>Print menu option from the top of the page.

 Now select to print an individual message from mail conversation.
 After select, it clicks to the print link from the top left of the print window.

 To print the page use browsing printing option

These steps are too simple, but if any issues occur with you then don’t worry because Yahoo email technical support number is available to provide you solution of that error around the clock.

Users can also try these simple steps to resolve the issue of Yahoo mail won't print emails:

 Open the Yahoo mail which has an attachment.

 At the attachment of Yahoo mail hover the mouse and select the option download.

 Save the download file and open it.

 By using printing interface print your email attachment.
These steps are too simple to follow but in case users get the problem to print Yahoo Email then you can use Yahoo Customer Care Number 24 × 7.  This number will help you to reach through third-party technical support team. So don’t worry about issues related to Yahoo mail and think how do I contact Yahoo. You will get here the solution of every problem related to Yahoo because a team of technical support has trained technicians. Don’t hesitate to reach out on this number because we are always ready to help you. 

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